A Vision for a Smarter Home

Clever Life is excited to announce the recent acquisition of the innovative 'Stitchy' product from M-Elec, a significant expansion of our smart home ecosystem. This acquisition not only broadens our diverse range of smart home solutions but also promises to enhance user experience by integrating Stitchy's user-friendly features with Clever Life's comprehensive product catalog. We're committed to providing our customers with a more connected, efficient, and intuitive smart home environment. Discover more about this exciting development and explore our expanded offerings here, or ask your nearest Electrical Wholesaler for more information.

What is Stitchy?

Stitchy, known for its seamless integration and user-friendly interface, has been a standout product in the home automation sector for many years. By bringing Stitchy into the Clever Life family, we are not just expanding our product range, we are providing our Clever Life and Stitchy customers with a more comprehensive, interconnected smart home experience.