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Welcome to the Clever Life FAQ's Page, here we will post questions and answers from our customers in relation to product installation. product operation, CleverLife Home App use and any other relevant topic to help you better enjoy your Clever Life products.

If you have a question you want answered, send us an email and we'll be sure to get back to you ASAP and post the answers here to help other Clever Life users.


  • My product won't connect to my Home WiFi Network?

Answer:  Currently all Clever Life products require a 2.4GHz network, 5GHz is not currently supported.  Please ensure your mobile device is connected to a 2.4GHz network and try again.  Alternatively, perform a network reset on the product and try adding again.  Follow the instruction in the APP or view online on the product page - see the APP page CleverLife Home App for a detailed user guide for CleverLife Home Mobile APP


  • My Ceiling fan has been installed and only the light is working, the fan wont turn on from the remote or in the App.

Answer: Once the fan is installed, you must 'match' the remote to the fan.  This enables the internal fan controller to start operating the DC Fan Motor.  To 'match' the remote, simple power on the main supply to the fan.  Within the first 30 seconds of powering on, press and hold the 'Fan On/Off' button fro 5 seconds, the fan will emit a 'beep' to indicate it has been matched.  For more information refer to the fan instruction manual, of check the product page for the latest product manual download.


  • I want to share my garage door remote with my son however he cannot connect to the device?

Answer: Once you have registered Your Clever Life device to your CleverLife Home APP account, it is not able to be added to another user account (this is a security feature so others cannot connect to your device without your knowing).  To share control of the device, you need to add family members or other users to your CleverLife Home App Account.  Visit the CleverLife Home App page for more information


  • When I attempt to connect my Amazon Alexa speaker i get an error message "We were unable to link Smart Life a this time.  Please try again later".

Answer: During the connection process, the Alexa App will redirect you to a URL (website address) to connect the Smart Life Skill to Amazon.  This Website URL needs to be copied and opened in Google Chrome to process successfully. 

Please contact us if you have further questions or need help linking Amazon or Google Accounts, we can provide further instruction and screen shots to ensure you successfully connect your devices.


  • When I installed my 2 fans, one remote took over control of both fans? Can the fans operate independently from the 2 remotes?

Yes, the fans are designed to operate from 1 remote unique to only 1 fan.  (It is also possible to operate multiple fans from 1 remote, as you have described)  The installation instructions describe 'matching the remote' during the first 30 seconds once power is restored to the fan.  During that first 30 seconds, the fan is 'looking' for a new remote (even if an existing remote has already been matched).  For multiple fan installations you must power on each fan individually and carry out the remote matching process.  For further assistance, please give us a call on 1300 315 083 or contact us via our Contact Us form.