CleverLife Home App


Download the CleverLife Home App now from the APP Store or Google Play to unleash the full power & benefits of your Clever Life Product.

To view our full set of App Instructions, please click this link 'CleverLife Home App User Manual'






The CleverLife Home APP provides a stable and reliable platform to control and automate your Clever devices.  If you can dream it, you can create it with Clever Life - let me show you...

  • Automate for Safety - If the smoke detector is triggered, enable an automation function to automatically turn your Clever lighting on to 'Flash Colour', turn On or Off your Clever Fans throughout the home or turn On/Off airconditioners.  You could even set the automation to turn on your TV and Stereo for extra 'notification'.
  • Automate your Theatre Room - With the assistance of a Google or Amazon AI speaker, voice activation for all your devices can be realised. "Hey Google, lets watch a movie" - All of a sudden your TV and DVD player turns on, the airconditioner in the theatre room turns on to cool, and the lights dim to 50%.
  • Automate Waking Up - Set up daily routines for waking up.  Alarm goes at 6am - the lights in your room turn on to 25% dim, the airconditioner and ceiling fan turn off,  the bathroom light and exhaust fan turn on, the TV turns on to the morning news and the coffee machine is warming up.
  • Automate your weekend BBQ - With a scene set up for your BBQ your backyard glows as the floodlight cycles through all its colours, your patio is a shade of yellow to keep the bugs away and the ceiling fans are on in reverse to clear the smoke from the BBQ.

When the 'state' (a device is switched on/off, motion detected, alarm triggered etc) changes, automation functions can established to trigger any of the other connected Clever Devices to operate and function.  Your CleverLife Home Network functions as a fully Automated Control, Safety, Alert and Security System, so if you can dream it, you can create it with Clever Life..